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i wasn't put on this earth to be a mathematician.

a barrier that was never meant to be broken.
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Somebody unimportant's Sooper Sekrit RPF Journal.

Because some closets are just too fun to be in for coming out.

PS: No, I'm not Bradley Whitford.
all your goth, andy hurley is meat, baaaaaands, bandom, bandslash, betaing, canadian content, concept albums, concerts, crack, cult of wentz, cultverse, cw rpf, fall out boy, fandom, feeling the cobra, fistfights, fisting the man, genderswap, good fic, grammar, hardcore, hardcore grammar, icons, lolcultverse, made of dreidels, meta, mitch clem, music, my chemical romance, nn2s, paddywhack, pastries, patrick/ashlee, pete/ashlee/patrick, recs, s[e]x[i]e, sexswap, shows, slash, smeckles, swapfic, tea, team patrick, that's so punk rock, the academy might be, the killers, transfic, transitive properties, tru fanz, tru punx, video on trial, videos, weemo